Mike Fisher’s Top 5 is written by Mike Fisher – holy shit, that’s me! I’m a musician, a former desk jockey, and general misanthrope. I make money by teaching English. My top 5 favorite things are hangout time with my girlfriend, The Beatles, good coffee, used books, and air conditioning.

Top 5 First Principles of Mike Fisher’s Top 5

Principle #1: I like lists

So sue me! This blog was inspired by the novel/film High Fidelity, in which the lead characters cannot stop themselves from creating personal Top 5 lists re: pop music, etc. Naturally, you’ll see a lot of the same shit here, though maybe not exclusively the same shit. I like music and movies and TV more than I like most other things, but I reserve the right to make Top 5 lists about whatever I damn well please. One post might find me listing my Top 5 debut albums, while the next might feature my Top 5 snacks to eat during Jeopardy! It mostly depends on whatever I’m feeling whenever I sit down to write. I hope to create enough lists to satisfy even the most discerning list critic. And if I can’t do that, then fuck the list critics, they should find more fruitful work.

Principle #2: I am allergic to hype

Am I ever. One of the shitty things about being a modern human is the feeling of pressure to have opinions about everything. So let me break it down for you: I am not a critic. I’ve tried to be a critic and it’s fucking exhausting. In this bloated modern age, we can no longer pretend to view new art outside of its hype matrix. When cultural pap is shoved down your throat, the shoving itself inevitably has an effect on how you process it. I say fuck all that jazz. If I’m genuinely interested in something, I’ll listen/watch/eat it, but the moment someone says, “You’ve got to listen/watch/eat this, it’s what everyone’s talking about,” I tune out. That shit gives me cramps. However…

Principle #3: I would like to believe that I am not a fucking dinosaur

Just because I get migraines whenever art gets turned into a hashtag doesn’t mean I’m unilaterally averse to giving new stuff a chance. The difference (as stated in Principle #2) is that I must have genuine interest in something in order to write about it. I’ll probably never watch another Marvel movie as long as I live (unless I’m trying to win a fucking eye-rolling contest), but you better believe I binged Stranger Things in a single day. My interests are whimsical, as I think most people’s are, and they come and go without much rhyme or reason. Speaking of which…

Principle #4: I am not a super interesting person

Sure, I like to think I’m a smart dude or whatever, but I make no claim whatsoever toward being an expert on anything. I’m a thirty year old guy who grew up listening to rock music and watching old movies. I like the Beatles and Chuck Klosterman and Community. The opinions expressed on this page pretty much fall in line with what you’d expect based on that information. Now, I’m always making a point to explore other stuff – jazz, hip-hop, the occasional flirtation with classical music, etc. – and I’ll write about that stuff too if I feel like it. But my background is what it is. I’m not a very well-rounded person, though maybe one day I will be. I’m just a guy with a bunch of thoughts on shit that I read and watch and listen to. Which reminds me…

Principle #5: This is for (my) amusement

Calm your tits. If I make a list of my Top 5 favorite songs by former members of the Eagles, and you get all bent out of shape because I didn’t include “Sunset Grill,” too fucking bad. These are my lists. If they occasionally seem ridiculous, it’s because taste is a nuanced beast, and anyway “Sunset Grill” sucks octopus balls, and so do the fuckin’ Eagles for that matter.