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Top 5 TV Theme Songs

TV Theme Songs PhotoLook, I know it ain’t the ‘90s anymore, but am I crazy or has the TV theme song made a not unwelcome comeback in the last several years? Continue reading “Top 5 TV Theme Songs”


Top 5 Monkees Deep Cuts

Monkees Top 5Go ahead and laugh, but the Monkees are one of my favorite bands. Of course, an admission like this calls into question just what, exactly, constitutes a “band.” Continue reading “Top 5 Monkees Deep Cuts”

Top 5 Elvis Costello Tracks

EC - My Aim is TrueElvis Costello’s recording career officially began forty years ago this past weekend, with the release of My Aim is True on July 22, 1977. Whether it changed rock music, or pop music, or pop culture, I couldn’t say. Cuz I wasn’t there. But it at least marked a watershed moment for hyper-literate rock fans who like their rock wordy and confrontational. “The reason that critics like Elvis Costello better than Van Halen,” observed idiot savant David Lee Roth, “is cuz they all look like Elvis Costello.” Continue reading “Top 5 Elvis Costello Tracks”

Top 5 ’90s Albums that are BETTER THAN YOU REMEMBER

wallflowrsWe bought CDs. We watched MTV. WE LISTENED TO THE FUCKING RADIO. Continue reading “Top 5 ’90s Albums that are BETTER THAN YOU REMEMBER”

Top 5 Beatles Deep Cuts

Disclaimer: Because this is a Beatles list, and because this band’s lawyers are so aggravatingly overprotective of their legacy, none of their studio tracks are available on YouTube. As such, the videos embedded below offer alternate – often poor quality – versions of the tracks in question. You can find the originals easily enough through Spotify. If you don’t have Spotify what the fuck is wrong with you buy the albums I guess?

If you’re the Beatles, your deep tracks are more historically relevant than most people’s hits. Think of all the Beatles songs that weren’t singles, that weren’t even B-sides, that were just unassuming album tracks in their day, minding their own GD bidness, that you regularly sing word-for-word in the shower: “Drive My Car,” “In My Life,” “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” “Back in the USSR,” “When I’m Sixty-Four.” These songs (and so many many more) are the reason why no “hits” collection has ever done justice to the fabs’ discography. Even the great Red and Blue albums from ’73 – essentially the greatest set of compilation records ever – fall tragically short of complete, missing “I Saw Her Standing There” and “Twist and Shout” and “This Boy” and “Taxman” and “Blackbird” and FUCK!! Right? Continue reading “Top 5 Beatles Deep Cuts”

Top 5 Chuck Berry Tracks (RIP List)

Let’s be real, it was pretty stunning that, come 2017, we still had so many of the principle framers of the rock music constitution walking among us. Rock and roll is now old enough to collect social security, and given the way so many of its white practitioners made a fetish out of drugging themselves to death even in the early days, it’s pretty bonkers that the first men to record the music – Fats Domino, Little Richard, and Chuck Berry – were at year’s dawning still kicking and in some cases still recording. So while it’s sad to hear that the oldest of rock’s originators has laid down his last riff, we needn’t bother to feign shock. Chuck Berry was older than the Empire State Building. It was his time. If you’re still upset, consider that he won’t be taping women going to the bathroom where he’s going, or at least we can hope not. Continue reading “Top 5 Chuck Berry Tracks (RIP List)”

Top 5 Dad Rock Christmas Songs

Say what you want about the commercially-belabored Christmas Season™, no other time of year presents such a strong cross-section of domesticity and pop culture. We have as many individual memories of the season (for better or for worse) as we have collective ones. Our collective yuletide nostalgia is how TBS gets away with twenty-four whole hours of A Christmas Story every effing year, whether anybody asks for it or not. Is “It must be Italian!” still funny the twelfth time you see it the same day? I’m asking. Continue reading “Top 5 Dad Rock Christmas Songs”

Top 5 Best-Of Albums

Completists, scoff if you will at this category, but consider: What’s your favorite album by Smokey Robinson & the Miracles? Or ABBA? Or, uh, Tom Jones? If you believe, like some, that greatest hits albums are for housewives and little girls, that’s fine, but you must accept that the album format is a complex beast. I learned this lesson in the late ’90s, when a parade of dime-a-dozen commercial alternative one-hitters – hey, remember TONIC??? – inspired some of the most ill-advised CD purchases of my otherwise illustrious CD buying career. Many artists – most artists? – can’t quite hack a full-on long-player, no matter how many perfect singles they barf out over a career. Continue reading “Top 5 Best-Of Albums”

Top 5 Side Ones, Track Ones (Inaugural List!!)

Pains me to admit it, now that I’m in my thirties and all, but for a time I thought the record store nerds from High Fidelity were the illest motherfuckers on the planet. It doesn’t take much to impress a fourteen-year-old, but if you think about it, these guys – a trio of aging gen-Xers played by John Cusack, Jack Black, and Todd Louiso – are actually pretty amazing. Not only do they get to talk about music all day, but they somehow manage to afford beers and cigarettes and cool Chicago apartments on record store salaries. And this is back in 2000, well before records got cool again (a weird phenomenon likely caused by this very movie). I mean, what fucking planet is this movie from? Continue reading “Top 5 Side Ones, Track Ones (Inaugural List!!)”

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